>The Holidays

>No, not the impending ones, the ones that just passed. I’m sure you are thinking, “Wait, there was Halloween…what else?” Well my friends, my second favorite holiday-Dia De Los Muertos.

Laura Ingalls Wilder would be proud.

So let me recap Halloween. We had such a great time out with our friends, although it was insanely cold out. I was able to finish my costume too, and I’m amazed I was able to pull it off in time. Having to make an entire outfit really makes you appreciate how much work goes into making clothing. This also makes it all the more sad that garment workers make a pittance. I used a Simplicity pattern, but I don’t know the pattern #. I tossed the whole thing when I was done because my little dog peed on part of it.

The morning of Halloween our church service (I feel weird even referring to it as “church” though) was about The Day of the Dead. Here’s a little info about it from my old hometown newspaper. Plus I got the only Mexican I know of here to come with!

I’ve loved this holiday for probably two decades of my life. I grew up different places around the Southwest and it’s common for native cultural celebrations to overlap with the traditional ones there. In fact, at different points of my life we have celebrated the holiday in school.

I think at every level, from concept to practice, it is the most beautiful and reverent holiday. The art and the decor are wonderful. I love it so much I had my brother draw a sugar skull for me a few years ago so I could get this tattoo:

My favorite of my 13 tattoos.

I also went out and got some sage to smudge the house. I wanted to do it Nov. 2, since it was All Souls’ Day, but I’m still battling a cold and I’d rather be in a clear mind. I may do it on my birthday instead since it also happens to fall on a full moon. You can google what the heck I’m talking about, but basically it’s a cleansing ritual for your home and its inhabitants. Chris thinks I’m nuts, but then again, he knew this before he married me.


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