>Best Birthday Ever


I’m pretty sure this has been the best birthday ever. I woke up to tons of birthday wishes on my Facebook page, then got to go to the Thanksgiving service at church. It was wonderful. I had made African Krsa bread for the bread sharing part and Jack told me it was his favorite of all the breads.

While there, Jillian gave me some of her strawberry preserves. They were from a batch that came out too runny so she said it’s really good on ice cream and pancakes. Since Jack is off Wednesday, I’m going to make homemade waffles and put this on it. I can hardly wait!

Then we went home and I made some yummy food from the market leftovers. HMF came over with her family and gave me a crocheted cowl (which is beautiful and warm and soft) and homemade vegan maple cupcakes. They are so good I ate two within one hour.

Tonight I had practice, which is always a good time. Tomorrow I get to order a spinning wheel (a gift from my dad) and Tuesday I am treating myself to a facial with a coupon I got from the place that did my makeup for the wedding.

Chris and Jack also bought me flowers yesterday so I’ll get to enjoy those all week. There is no greater feeling than the love of so many people all on one day!


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