>Spin it


This is like the one I got but the wheel and pedal are painted a deep red.

Yesterday I placed my order for my Hitchhiker spinning wheel. It’s a birthday gift from my dad. I spoke with the wife of the guy who makes these wheels. He runs The Merlin Tree and she was incredibly nice.

I have wanted a wheel for some time now but they certainly aren’t cheap and I just wasn’t sure which kind I wanted. Some of the older, more traditional looking ones just didn’t seem like my style. When I was at the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival I walked by some of these and they caught my eye. The design is really cool and they are very compact.

When I started looking again recently I came across one of these and started looking into it more. I even looked at the Ravelry forum for people who use these wheels and it seemed like they only had good things to say. I also looked at YouTube videos of people setting them up and changing out pieces and it seemed very simple. Plus, it’s made out of basic parts so if anything ever breaks you only need to go to the hardware store to fix it.

I also ordered directly through the guy who makes them, even though I may have been able to get one for a tad cheaper through a different seller. On the Ravelry forums he is the moderator and he seems very committed to customer service and making sure people are pleased with his wheels.

I’m so excited to get it!


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