>Eating obscene amounts of delicious food.


How pretty is that?

Thanksgiving was awesome. HMF hosted and another family came too. It was laid back, fun, and everything was so good. Here is a list of everything we had:

-savory pumpkin dip with chips
-tomato and rosemary scones
-spicy butternut squash soup
-artichoke dip with fresh artichoke leaves
-green beans with garlic
-maple glazed carrots
-homemade rolls
-field roast
-seitan loaf wrapped in puff pastry
-mashed potatoes
-homemade gravy
-fresh cranberry sauce
-pumpkin cinnamon rolls
-pecan bars
-pumpkin cupcakes

I ate so much it was painful. Everything was absolutely amazingly tasty. Yesterday I had some leftovers. Thanksgiving leftovers are my favorite kind of leftovers.

My weigh in this week should be interesting. ugh.

Field Roast

Carrots, green beans, soup, artichoke dip.

Stuffing and taters.

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