Sorry it’s kind of blurry.

Sunday I was good and wrapped presents and yesterday I mailed them off.

I recently got a huge bag and box of fabric scraps from Jillian, who got them from Freecycle. Instead of paper, I found large scraps and wrapped everything and then used stips of fabric for bows.

Are they as perfect as paper-wrapped gifts? No. But I think they are prettier in their own way. I really enjoy doing different things like this around the holidays too. I know I’m not eco-perfect (but who is really?) but I feel like doing things differently in an unexpected way makes people think about something they hadn’t before. To explain that better….people don’t really notice reusable grocery bags anymore, they are so common. Same thing for Hybrid cars, organic food, metal water bottles. But gifts tend to look like gifts no matter where you are; wrapped in paper that hopefully gets recycled.

I used to never think about wrapping paper. It was just something you have on hand and that’s what you wrap stuff with. The only time I’ve seen something different was how my oldest sister used to wrap gifts. She’d get brown butcher paper and get southwestern themed sponges and stamp the paper all over with paint. Then she’d use raffia instead of ribbon. I always thought it was really cool.

I’m sure there are people who think my idea this year is really stupid and/or ugly. Whatever, that’s fine. I, for one, think it’s pretty spiffy and a good use of what I have on hand.

Now to plan my baskets of homemade goodies! MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! (***evil Christmas laughter***)


3 thoughts on “>Eco-Xmas

  1. Mama Jillian

    >What a great way to use the fabric! I love it! I have a huge stash of wrapping paper that I got from my neighbor when she moved last year, and I can't wait until it runs out (in 40 years) so I can experiment with something new! Nice!


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