>I Ran…Outside…And Nothing Was Chasing Me


This morning I decided to go for a jog because my friend was sick and we didn’t go to the trainer as planned.

I should start by saying that I hate running. HATE! I will sometimes do it at the gym on the treadmill but the treadmill has some good shock absorption. Running outside just rattles my whole body.

I should also mention that it was FREEZING cold outside when I decided to do this. I dropped off Jack, came home, got out of the car and just started running.

I ran up the main road that our house is on and right away I wanted to quit and turn back. But I kept going. I just kept telling myself that if I started walking I would be even more cold so I just needed to run.

I ran all the way up to the light, turned around and ran home. I’ve never even walked that far in that direction with the dog. I didn’t stop once. I just checked on Google Maps and each way is .8 mile. I cannot believe I almost ran 2 miles.

I figured out how much further it would be to one mile. I’m going to try this again and do a full 2 miles. If I can double it, I could run a 5K no problem. You have absolutely no idea how amazing this is for me.

I guess running isn’t so terrible after all.


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