>How Could I Forget?

>So in my Christmas post I forgot to mention what I made this year. Last year I made my own organic Italian seasoning mix and lavender scented sea salt for the bath.

This year I made:
-Pumpkin cranberry bread
-Gingerbread biscotti
-Cranberry almond biscotti
-Espresso Walnut brittle
-Honeycomb brittle

This year I had two dietary adjustments I needed to make too. No dairy/egg and no refined sugar. It actually wasn’t difficult at all. I just looked for some vegan recipes and stocked up on organic sugar.

The only one of these I had made before were the gingerbread biscotti and they are good! The brittles were from Martha Stewart so I knew they would be good and I just looked up the others online. Thankfully, they turned out well, or at least I thought so.

Hmmm…now I need to start thinking about next year!

P.S. I got myself a new template for the New Year. πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “>How Could I Forget?

  1. Erika

    >ooooo the pumpkin ones? I'll totally make you cinnamon free cookies. BTW I think my new year's resolution should be to actually freaking remember to enter your giveaways. D'oh!

  2. LucyInDaSky

    >Hahahaha… the next one I do is for the best derby bruise… so when that gets announced then I'll text you and say, Snugs… time to email me a picture of your butt πŸ™‚


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