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A little bit of our goings-on as of late:

-There’s been lots of snow and lots of cold. I’d sell the dogs to gypsies for a wood stove at this point. Well….not really, but I would really love a wood stove. This winter has shown me what winter is really all about, especially as in adult, living in your own home. A very, very old, poorly insulated home.

-My two best friends come this weekend! They are driving up from Brooklyn on Friday. I’m so excited to see them. They get to see me skate and they will be taking lots and lots of photos.

-Last weekend we had dinner with some great friends. Bill & Tamara were in town for the NOFA-NY conference (which I really, really need to go to next year) so we went to dinner with them, our neighbors, and Michael at Beekman Street Bistro. There are few things better in this world than good food and wine with great company. Hopefully in the not-too-distant future we can take a road trip out there to help them process their pigs. I never thought I’d be so excited about a bacon-related road trip. Read more about the conference and other important/interesting things on Bill’s blog.

-The sweater is coming along decently. I’m not super far into it, but so far it’s been easy. I’m going to try to finish the neckline tonight.

-I made quinoa muffins tonight. I’ve never had them before but recently one of my magazines had a recipe and it made me want to try them. I couldn’t figure out which magazine it was (we get quite a lot of them), so I just searched online. I found this recipe, and it was very easy and quick. You basically do everything while the quinoa is cooking. They are very yummy with just a hint of sweetness. I subbed dried cranberries for raisins too.

Well, that’s about it for now. I’m sure there’s a bunch of stuff that I’m forgetting. I’m very excited for the bout, which is better than wanting to throw up! Things seems to be coming together.


>Gettin’ Better All The Time


Crazy simple crocheted beret. Finished it on this snowy day.

It occurred to me that the three of us over here are getting to be a bit better at our collective endeavors. Chris made another batch of jerky in the dehydrator the other day. He made his own teriyaki sauce from this recipe. I made him make a second batch of sauce the next night for tofu stir fry.

Yes, store-bought jerky is convenient. But unless you are buying the super expensive kinds, it’s just kind of blech. And who the hell knows where their cows came from! Yikes!! Like most of our projects, once you figure it out, you wonder why people ever stopped doing this stuff on their own.

For jerky all you need is some marinade and a food dehydrator. Make sure you have a good butcher who can pre-cut it for you. It’ll save you lots of time and stress. We have a whole tupperware full of jerky now.

I finished fixing my brother’s bday hat (it was too big) and decided to make a hat for myself. I finished it today while Jack and I were snowed in. It took me longer than normal to finish the hat because I was being lazy. Really though the pattern is so easy, and you need so few rounds, I could’ve powered through it in a day if I wanted to.

Also, I’m rostered! I cannot believe it. I found out tonight. I play on the 29th. I’m going to stop writing about it now because I might throw up if I keep thinking about it. I’m so excited!

Jack is tremendously good at building with Legos. He builds something new just about every day. They are these crazy things too. He can do it for an hour straight without getting bored. But make him do one worksheet and it’s like I asked him to walk to the zoo to bring me home a lion. *sigh* But that’s a different topic for a different day.

So, yeah, we are a pretty industrious little clan over here. I decided tonight I might try to make a sweater. I should probably stop writing about this too. A sweater is a big deal for me. I’m already anxious and I haven’t even picked out the yarn. IIEEEEE!!!

>A Coffee Table, A Conversation, A Craft, A Cookie


The cool packaging for the cookies.

Coffee Table
As luck would have it our neighbors decided they no longer needed their coffeetable after Christmas. They got a Wii and it was taking up the room where her girls could jump around and play the Wii action games. Being a collector of unwanted furniture, I gladly took it.

It’s a lovely table actually. The top opens and it’s really deep so we can stash all of our books, papers, and whatnot. Basically it prevents our guests from having to stare at our clutter. This also meant we could move the other one up into Jack’s room. Now he has a whole table to build legos on. The more legos that can stay upstairs, the better. We are constantly tripping over them.

The other night I got to go out with Merry Pain and Liv after practice. I usually don’t get to do this because I either have Jack with me or have to get home so Chris can get to work. I’m glad I finally got to go out with some teammates. 

While there we were talking about how I make deodorant. We also talked about crazy things like having to drive over a wounded bunny to kill it and derby-related knee injuries. But…MP did say she’d buy some of my deodorant if I made it so now I just need to hunt up some tiny jars.

I started crocheting a new hat. I had found so many patterns online I wanted to try and I just couldn’t narrow it down. HMF found this one and I love it. I’m making the beret, instead of the cap. I should have it done soon. I never tire of making hats. I’ve always loved wearing hats so it’s natural I’d love making them just as much; at least for someone like me who enjoys making things.

Bill is back on the Interwebs! He’s also coming for the NOFA conference soon, which means we get to go out to dinner with him and Tamara. For New Years they made fortune cookies with kick ass fortunes inside. He mailed them to us and they were such a nice way to start the year. Perhaps when their pigs go to slaughter we will go and have a charcuterie-fest!

>Sometime A Do-Over is All You Need

>Last night’s practice was garbage for me. My feet were killing me because I screwed up how I lace my skates, and it turns out my right trucks were WAY too tight and that’s why I was having balance issues. To explain all this better: I lace my skates differently so that my toes don’t go numb and by making trucks more loose it helps you have more control on your skates, especially on turns.

We were also working on transitions, or going from skating forward to skating backward. I am terrible at this. TERRIBLE! It’s to the point now where I just get instantly frustrated with myself.

Overall the practice itself was fine, but I just felt like all these other stupid things were getting in the way of me doing as well as I knew I could and should be doing.

Fast forward to tonight, and our team practice. Trucks were better, laces fixed (and I bought a brand new pair today!), and I was ready to make amends for Sunday. It totally worked. Even while jamming I was able to do a few quick cuts and such to get myself through. That was seriously awesome. It’s really crazy to tell my body to do something, and it actually can now. Most of my derby experience so far has been me screaming in my head to move one way or to hit someone but my body just failing. Now, little by little, it’s turning around.

I’m so incredibly ready for Wednesday’s practice. I think I may even bring cupcakes…no joke.

>Resolutions and Quiche

>Happy New Year!

I’ve decided that my resolutions will be to be a more patient mother and also to be more bold and honest. I’m pretty bold and honest as it is, but sometimes someone will say something I don’t necessarily agree with completely and I just keep mum. Now I’m not intending to just blatantly offend people, but rather to be comfortable speaking to the contrary.

Now I should probably shower, especially since it’s 2 in the afternoon, because then I need to make some quiche for HMF’s baby shower tomorrow. I also need to make some hummus and run to the store to grab a few things.

And before I forget…if you can still find Panettone I recommend getting some and making french toast with it. I did today and it was really really good.

I hope your 2011 is a good one. I’m very excited for ours. In 6 months Jason will be here and I’m already incredibly excited about all the fun stuff we have planned!

>Last Minute Scramble

>Ok so I finally uploaded some photos and I’m going to try to tie up loose ends before midnight. I want to do a long post about all the great PBS reality shows I’ve been watching, but since I haven’t finished Frontier House yet I’m going to hold off.

This was the amazingly good dinner Jillian & I made.

So the night of our dinner, which turned into the Beujolais party, we had salad with apples and candied walnuts, rutabaga puree, garlic bread, and linguine with mushrooms sauteed in a wine sauce. Everything was so good, I wish I had fancy dinners like this each week. I know I could, but I don’t think that’ll happen until maybe after our bouts when I have more time since I won’t be so obsessed with getting to practice all the time.

The following is a brief Christmas season overview:

Jack’s first Gingerbread House, look at the gingerbread marshmallows walking down the path. Clever boy.

He neatly organized all of his Lego sets together.

Even the dogs got gifts. They are naughty but we’re suckers for hounds.

So I think that about wraps it up. I haven’t taken a picture of the stuff I’ve knitted/crocheted recently, but I’ll get on it soon.

Today I made more deodorant for Chris and I, made some more bread, cleaned the kitchen, did some laundry and then went across the street to the neighbors for snacks and drinks. Now I’m watching Family Guy episodes while the dogs sleep next to me on the couch. A pretty rockin’ New Year’s Eve.

I’m sure 2011 will be awesome. I’m very excited about it actually. More DIY, more derby, more gardening and the like. Adios 2010, you were swell.