>Last Minute Scramble

>Ok so I finally uploaded some photos and I’m going to try to tie up loose ends before midnight. I want to do a long post about all the great PBS reality shows I’ve been watching, but since I haven’t finished Frontier House yet I’m going to hold off.

This was the amazingly good dinner Jillian & I made.

So the night of our dinner, which turned into the Beujolais party, we had salad with apples and candied walnuts, rutabaga puree, garlic bread, and linguine with mushrooms sauteed in a wine sauce. Everything was so good, I wish I had fancy dinners like this each week. I know I could, but I don’t think that’ll happen until maybe after our bouts when I have more time since I won’t be so obsessed with getting to practice all the time.

The following is a brief Christmas season overview:

Jack’s first Gingerbread House, look at the gingerbread marshmallows walking down the path. Clever boy.

He neatly organized all of his Lego sets together.

Even the dogs got gifts. They are naughty but we’re suckers for hounds.

So I think that about wraps it up. I haven’t taken a picture of the stuff I’ve knitted/crocheted recently, but I’ll get on it soon.

Today I made more deodorant for Chris and I, made some more bread, cleaned the kitchen, did some laundry and then went across the street to the neighbors for snacks and drinks. Now I’m watching Family Guy episodes while the dogs sleep next to me on the couch. A pretty rockin’ New Year’s Eve.

I’m sure 2011 will be awesome. I’m very excited about it actually. More DIY, more derby, more gardening and the like. Adios 2010, you were swell.


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