>Sometime A Do-Over is All You Need

>Last night’s practice was garbage for me. My feet were killing me because I screwed up how I lace my skates, and it turns out my right trucks were WAY too tight and that’s why I was having balance issues. To explain all this better: I lace my skates differently so that my toes don’t go numb and by making trucks more loose it helps you have more control on your skates, especially on turns.

We were also working on transitions, or going from skating forward to skating backward. I am terrible at this. TERRIBLE! It’s to the point now where I just get instantly frustrated with myself.

Overall the practice itself was fine, but I just felt like all these other stupid things were getting in the way of me doing as well as I knew I could and should be doing.

Fast forward to tonight, and our team practice. Trucks were better, laces fixed (and I bought a brand new pair today!), and I was ready to make amends for Sunday. It totally worked. Even while jamming I was able to do a few quick cuts and such to get myself through. That was seriously awesome. It’s really crazy to tell my body to do something, and it actually can now. Most of my derby experience so far has been me screaming in my head to move one way or to hit someone but my body just failing. Now, little by little, it’s turning around.

I’m so incredibly ready for Wednesday’s practice. I think I may even bring cupcakes…no joke.


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