>A Coffee Table, A Conversation, A Craft, A Cookie


The cool packaging for the cookies.

Coffee Table
As luck would have it our neighbors decided they no longer needed their coffeetable after Christmas. They got a Wii and it was taking up the room where her girls could jump around and play the Wii action games. Being a collector of unwanted furniture, I gladly took it.

It’s a lovely table actually. The top opens and it’s really deep so we can stash all of our books, papers, and whatnot. Basically it prevents our guests from having to stare at our clutter. This also meant we could move the other one up into Jack’s room. Now he has a whole table to build legos on. The more legos that can stay upstairs, the better. We are constantly tripping over them.

The other night I got to go out with Merry Pain and Liv after practice. I usually don’t get to do this because I either have Jack with me or have to get home so Chris can get to work. I’m glad I finally got to go out with some teammates. 

While there we were talking about how I make deodorant. We also talked about crazy things like having to drive over a wounded bunny to kill it and derby-related knee injuries. But…MP did say she’d buy some of my deodorant if I made it so now I just need to hunt up some tiny jars.

I started crocheting a new hat. I had found so many patterns online I wanted to try and I just couldn’t narrow it down. HMF found this one and I love it. I’m making the beret, instead of the cap. I should have it done soon. I never tire of making hats. I’ve always loved wearing hats so it’s natural I’d love making them just as much; at least for someone like me who enjoys making things.

Bill is back on the Interwebs! He’s also coming for the NOFA conference soon, which means we get to go out to dinner with him and Tamara. For New Years they made fortune cookies with kick ass fortunes inside. He mailed them to us and they were such a nice way to start the year. Perhaps when their pigs go to slaughter we will go and have a charcuterie-fest!


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