>Gettin’ Better All The Time


Crazy simple crocheted beret. Finished it on this snowy day.

It occurred to me that the three of us over here are getting to be a bit better at our collective endeavors. Chris made another batch of jerky in the dehydrator the other day. He made his own teriyaki sauce from this recipe. I made him make a second batch of sauce the next night for tofu stir fry.

Yes, store-bought jerky is convenient. But unless you are buying the super expensive kinds, it’s just kind of blech. And who the hell knows where their cows came from! Yikes!! Like most of our projects, once you figure it out, you wonder why people ever stopped doing this stuff on their own.

For jerky all you need is some marinade and a food dehydrator. Make sure you have a good butcher who can pre-cut it for you. It’ll save you lots of time and stress. We have a whole tupperware full of jerky now.

I finished fixing my brother’s bday hat (it was too big) and decided to make a hat for myself. I finished it today while Jack and I were snowed in. It took me longer than normal to finish the hat because I was being lazy. Really though the pattern is so easy, and you need so few rounds, I could’ve powered through it in a day if I wanted to.

Also, I’m rostered! I cannot believe it. I found out tonight. I play on the 29th. I’m going to stop writing about it now because I might throw up if I keep thinking about it. I’m so excited!

Jack is tremendously good at building with Legos. He builds something new just about every day. They are these crazy things too. He can do it for an hour straight without getting bored. But make him do one worksheet and it’s like I asked him to walk to the zoo to bring me home a lion. *sigh* But that’s a different topic for a different day.

So, yeah, we are a pretty industrious little clan over here. I decided tonight I might try to make a sweater. I should probably stop writing about this too. A sweater is a big deal for me. I’m already anxious and I haven’t even picked out the yarn. IIEEEEE!!!


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