>What I’ve Been Doing On This Epic Snowday


I should note that it’s actually sort of lackluster where we are. It’s stopped snowing, at least for now. It honestly doesn’t seem that bad out there. I’m not complaining or wishing for more snow, but does the weatherman really need to get me all worked up like that?

Since Jack didn’t have school, I slept in. Got up, made coffee and ate some breakfast with Jack while we figured out how much money was in his piggy bank. Yay for learning coins, Boo because it’s barely over $4 so he can’t get what toy he wants just yet.

Chris is sleeping because he goes into work tonight but he needed me to start the pork rillettes that he’s bringing into work for their Meat Party on Friday. He’s using Anthony Bourdain’s recipe. Bourdain is Chris’ fictional boyfriend, just so you know.

This is a pretty big deal because I don’t cook meat. I’m afraid of raw meat. The most I can do is cook ground beef. Granted, what I did this morning wasn’t hard, but more than I would do voluntarily. Basically our butcher did the hard work for me, I just had to dump the stuff in a pot and turn the stove on. When Chris wakes up, he’ll finish it up.

Then I made banana bread. This is most definitely in my comfort zone. I used the recipe from Martha Stewart and added some high-quality dark chocolate chips. It’s in the oven now and smells wonderful. I imagine it’ll be good. Martha doesn’t put her name on crap. Homegirl’s been to prison and she’s more successful than ever, there’s a reason for this.

Later I’m going to make “Peanutella.” I randomly stumbled across this recipe today. Perfect timing actually because I just used the rest of my Nutella yesterday and this Saturday happens to be World Nutella Day.

Tonight I’m going to roast up lots of our root veggies. There comes a point during the winter where you become buried under these things. Every time you open the fridge there’s a million beets just staring at you. I already filled a bowl with beets, carrots, turnips, kohlrabi, and potatoes. Later I will roast them with olive oil and rosemary.

Later on I’m going to keep tackling my knitted sweater. I never got around to it last night.

Stay warm people.


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