>Happy Valentine’s Day!


Tomorrow Chris and I are going out to breakfast for Valentine’s Day. It’ll work better with his work schedule and my practice schedule and we won’t have to deal with crowds or a sitter. I love breakfast, but brunch still wins out as the best mealtime ever.

So, I’m rostered again…Come see me this weekend! I will eventually get around to talking about the first bout.  Really there is just so much to say, it’s hard for my brain to try to narrow it down. Every moment was amazing and surreal.

I think I saw tiny buds on the branches of a tree in our yard. This makes me excited and a little worried. I can’t wait for all this crazy snow to be gone, but it means that time is marching quickly ahead and there is much work to be done this spring/summer. Also, we now have more projects to add to the list because as some of the ice was melting on the roof over the kitchen, water leaked in and stained parts of the ceiling. Gah!

The new Martha Stewart Living has a whole section on growing your own food. I love this so much. I hope it inspires more people to grow their own food. I hope people look at their lawns and say, “I don’t need this much lawn, it would be much more delicious to grow tomatoes over there!”

And lastly, for now, I heard a woman at the farmer’s market telling her friend she moved out of town recently and onto her own small farm. She was talking about all the animals and how it’s been her dream for so long to have a farm. She was beaming with happiness. It made me happy for her, but I was also jealous. My Barnheart flared up, especially when she was discussing the adorable things her goats do. I have such a soft spot in my heart for goats. Part of me felt like I could cry at any moment. Patience, patience.


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