>Cookin’ Up A Storm


I really, really want one of those flour sifters. My mom used to have one. They are the bestest. I also always look this put together when I’m baking. No, really, I swear.

It snowed again today. Just when I thought spring was on its way, we got a foot of snow. What’s that saying…”God laughs?” Yeah, that. But I dealt with it well. I didn’t freak out that we would lose power and freeze to death or that some other tragedy would befall us. I got things done around the house and took it in stride.

These past few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of cooking and baking. I am currently obsessed with Joy The Baker. I used to read her blog regularly but then I stopped reading most blogs altogether. I’m glad I started again though, because hers is amazing. She is about to come out with a cookbook (which I’m sure I’ll buy) but I hope she makes a lot of money off of it. Otherwise I’m going to feel really bad when I ask her to pay for my lap band surgery from eating all of her delicious baked goods.

Tonight I’m making cappuccino cookies with espresso and white chocolate. Recently I made her peanut butter pretzel brownies for my derby ladies and it was pretty unanimous that they were super freaking delicious.

Yesterday I made Smitten Kitchen’s pumpkin waffles for Jack and I. Fabulous. Here’s something you must know. The key to light, airy, crisp waffles is in taking the time to beat the egg whites and fold them back into the batter. Yes, it takes longer. Yes, you will end up with more dishes, but I promise you it’s totally worth it.

Tonight I made a potato and sunchoke gratin. It was good but the recipe asked for more cream than it needed, and anyone who says a gratin only needs 30 minutes to cook is a damn liar. Overall the recipe was good and I’m not complaining that I have leftovers either.

Chris will put two new jerky flavors in the dehydrator tonight. The last time he did teriyaki (with a homemade sauce) and this time he’s doing half with Guiness Stout and the other half as margarita flavor. I’m excited to try both tomorrow.

I realized tonight when I was mixing my ingredients together, that baking is a legacy for me. My mom used to bake all the time, and often for no special reason. She’d make an entire Texas sheet cake on a Tuesday just because she felt like it. Chris was telling me earlier that we don’t need cookies. I agree. It’s not even that I plan on eating all of these either. It’s just that I really like doing it. I used to like painting for the same reason. You take a bunch of nonsense and make it into something awesome. I like awesome.


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