>The Winter of my Discontent

>I think Chris put it best the other day when he said, “I love winter but this is crazy. It’s almost mid March!” I should point out that I enjoy the fact I finally live somewhere with 4 legit seasons. Not just “Hot as hell or manageable” or “11 months of rain and 1 of sunshine.” But I’m supposed to be thinking about getting my garden ready and spring home projects and there’s still 3 feet of snow outside!

On Sunday it was raining and a little warmer and things were melting. I was so happy. Then, that night driving home from practice, it started snowing again and I spun my car out on the highway.

It’s bumming me out. It’s making me incredibly tired and unmotivated. There’s so much I could be doing but I’m barely doing any of it. In 2.5 months things need to be in the ground and growing. Fencing materials purchased, things painted, things repaired. All I want to do is sit on the couch, watch back to back episodes of 30 Rock and eat old Halloween candy.

I hate being unproductive. I feel pathetic, like I’m not earning my keep. I feel like one sluggish day just keeps blending into the next one. I feel like all those pretty shoes in my closet will never be worn again and I’ll be stuck with my gross winter boots for the rest of my life.

I know it will get better though. The sun is already shining now when the alarm goes off, making it that much easier to get up and on with my day. Plus I know this summer I’m going to be insanely busy. Probably the busiest summer of my life and I will look back to these lazy days on the couch and wonder what I was complaining about.

When I finally see grass I’m going to feel like Columbus landing on the shores of the New World. I’m going to want to kiss it and weep. I honestly can’t wait for a sunburn at this point. I want to drink beers outside on a hot night and see dirt under my finger nails.



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