>A Plea

>Please, please learn skills that could help you or your loved ones. Learn how to garden, how to put up food, how to sew basic clothing or mend clothing. There’s no end to the things you could or should learn. No matter how much I know, there is so soooo much I still do not.

I don’t know animal husbandry, or how to slaughter or hunt animals. I don’t know proper rotational farming, and still can’t preserve food without reading instructions. I don’t know how to make cheese. I don’t know how to clean and save seeds. The list of what I would like to know goes on and on.

But I never give up trying to learn more and more all the time. It’s so important, I just can’t stress it enough. I know this sounds crazy or spooky, but that’s not my intent.

People who lived just 100 years ago knew more about how to really, truly live than we do now. They would be horrified to see how things are now and how little we rely on our own instincts.

As of late, the world is a scary, tragic, confusing place. But there are also great people, doing great things in communities all over the world. Even if you take up knitting or soap-making as a hobby, it’s a hobby that can serve a purpose.

So pick one, and just get started. Find like minded people, and do it together. Then find someone else, and teach it to them.


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