>In Pictures

>I realize I haven’t put anything up in some time. So instead of blabbing I’ll just show you some pics of what is going on. It was our chance this month to host Snobby Dinner Party. We did classic French food. Very heavy, very meaty, peasant-type food. I forgot to take a picture of the dessert which was a caramel custard sponge cake flambe with rum soaked fruits.

The peanut butter chocolate brownies with pretzels and sea salt that I made for derby several months ago.

Our seedlings so far: leeks, oregano, and two types of peppers.

Our teapot. Jack and I have been have “tea time” in the afternoons lately.

All the ingredients for cassoulet assembly. It’s pretty much tons of of meat and fat with six cups of beans.

Pork belly and the duck legs that Chris “confited” back in the fall.
The bottom of the pot has pork rind in it.

Ready to be cooked.


Rillettes. I should’ve take a fancy photo before everyone started eating them. We were too excited though. Oops.

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