>Feelin’ Antsy

>For some reason lately I feel like I need to be doing something more or something different. I think it has something to do with this odd in between time of the spring. We are supposed to get tons of compost dumped on our garden today. When it’s worked in I can actually start planting some stuff soon. Stuff that can hold up to the cold, like spinach.

In about a week I’ll need to get out more egg cartons so that I can start planting more seeds. I have lots of starts that need to get going 5-6 weeks before moving outside.

In a few weeks we go to Indiana. Right before that Jack has spring break. So basically I have to get through 2 normal weeks and the rest of the month can be spent doing whatever. Right when we get back, my parents come. Three weeks after they leave, Jason comes. You expect to say I feel overwhelmed. Quite the opposite. I’m incredibly excited actually. I enjoy measuring out my time in events.

I need to remember that in a few weeks I’m going to be crazy busy for the next several months. Before I know it I’ll be in strawberry season, which I missed last year. This means I’ll go out and pick for several hours, plunk down a decent amount of cash, and then spend the afternoon canning and freezing. This process repeats with blueberries, then raspberries.

I was talking to Mama Jillian the other day about how she and I measure out our time differently than most. Not that the way we do it is better or anything, but when your life takes a different course, many other things shift as well. For instance, Jack’s classmates’ parents are probably pondering various summer vacations. I’m planning on things that revolve around growing cycles.

Summer is a time of dirty fingernails and sore muscles for me. There are no lists of good books for “beach reading” over in this house. But I’m good with that.


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