>For the love of dirt.


So, Chuck (from Willowmarsh) delivered 4 cubic yards of compost Monday. Nature decided to cooperate and stop raining while it was dumped and smoothed out. Later that night it started raining again, which was the best thing that could’ve happened. It even rained the next day too.

His compost is stellar. It is beautiful and rich and full of worms. Perfection.

The day it came all 3 of us worked on it together. Even Jack learned how to properly shovel it, while I raked it. Yesterday Chris went out and turned it over. We may work on it a little this weekend as well.

As soon as Chris figures out his pea trellis situation we will be planting our 2 types of peas. Soon some of the greens will go in too.

We are definitely a family that is ok with getting really dirty together.

Regal, like George Washington.

Somehow I always end up gardening in DPH shirts.

He’s losing his mind because he can finally play outside again.

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