>The Dudes

>I was going to talk about our compost and the work thus far on the garden…but instead I’m going to talk about the cool things Chris and Jack have been working on.

Saturday night, while driving back from the bout my car was running hard. It sounded scary. it was running at 4000 rpm so Chris pulled over and then started driving again but it still wouldn’t shift. He had to pull over a second time and turn the car off. When he restarted it it seemed to be fine but we avoided the highway the whole way home.

I’m really glad this happened while he was in the car though. Had it been me I would’ve just pulled over and started crying. I know nothing about cars. Chris mentioned possibly taking it to a transmission shop up the road and all I could think was, “That’s going to be expensive, probably!” Thankfully he decided to check the fluid, and it seemed a little low, so he filled it (for less than $5) and it seems ok.

The other day he fixed the switch for his car window. It wasn’t working and instead of spending $150 to have our mechanic order the part and install it, he looked on ebay, ordered the part, and installed it himself.

Last night his car was smoking when he got home from work. This morning he went out to look at the hoses, found where the problem was, got some new parts, and fixed it himself.

I know I just gave sort of a boring litany of car problems that he fixed in the last few days, but the point I’m trying to make is the fact that he knows about this stuff just saved us a bunch of money. Money and time actually, since we didn’t have to wait around at the mechanic’s shop while figuring this all out.

I’m lucky to have him around. He’s a clever guy.

Jack recently got some stuff for Easter from his grandma. I let him open one of the boxes and it was a lego Ninjago set that he’s wanted. This morning he took all the pieces out and started messing with it. When we left for school he was telling me that he was a little confused about how to put it together.

When we got home he ran to his room and 30 minutes later he came down and it was done. The whole thing was done and perfect! It was this whole dragon thing with a ninja riding on top of it. It was so cool and I was very impressed. It boggles my mind that he can even figure all of that out on his own.

So there you have it….these dudes have talent!


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