>A Spring Overhaul


I enjoy spring cleaning, I really do. It’s nice that it’s warm enough to open the windows and get things back to how they should be. The past few days I’ve been on a roll with getting this place in order.

Last week I cleaned out the fridge. It once again reminded me that for a person who hates wasting food, I sure do let a lot of leftovers go to waste. I honestly couldn’t even recognize some of the stuff. It was horrid.

In addition to the 2 huge garbage bags of clothes that I gave to a friend to donate, I did a second sweep and filled another trash bag that I’m hoping can go to the local consignment store.

Today I cleared off our front porch and swept it. Considering I had to purchase a cheap broom for this project, it occurred to me that I’ve never swept our porch before. Gross. However, since it was mostly dirt and cobwebs out there, I just swept it outside, and then swept the front walk. The whole thing looks much better and it’s easier to get around out there now.

I also completely cleaned our bedroom. On the dresser we had tossed some stuff when we first moved in and it’s just been sitting there….for almost two years! I couldn’t deal with it anymore so I cleaned it all up, threw a bunch of stuff away, and this week I’m getting some sort of container to put the rest in.

Tomorrow I’m going to tackle the craft room and upstairs bathroom. Friday starts Jack’s spring break so we are going to deal with that whole situation. When that’s done the entire upstairs will be complete and I’ll be very happy. I want to go on our trip without having to mull over what needs to be done when we return.

Happy Spring Cleaning!


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