Sorry, it’s kind of hard to see the strings. I was taking the photo from inside my house.

I’m glad I got all those couch naps in during this crappy winter because I’m getting no sleep now. I’m not complaining though, it just amazes me what a difference a week makes.

Chris finished the pea trellis and we installed it the other day. He made it out of PVC pipe and the whole thing cost less than $30. Plus it comes apart so we can store it over the winter. We used the internal part of a long strand of paracord for the string in the middle. We pulled out a strand and threaded it through a trussing needle and Jack actually did all the string weaving.

Today peas were planted, all 28 of them. I also planted radishes, romaine, mesclun mix, arugula, spinach, and cilantro. Yesterday I started the tomatoes and some broccoli. The pepper sprouts are doing so well, I’m going to need to start thinning them.

Word of advice, seed starting soil is waaaaay different from regular potting soil. My first seeds were started in my organic potting soil that I’ve had since last year, which is really good stuff. The other day I got some actual seed starting soil and once I saw the texture I realized my error on the first go round. Potting soil is heavy and has big chunks in it. I’m pretty sure that’s why my delicate oregano sprouts died on me.

Today I made corn tortillas and also learned another valuable lesson. Harina de maiz and masaharina are totally different although they look quite similar in the bag. Harina de maiz cannot be turned into tortillas. I had to make another trip to the store to get the right stuff, but when all was said and done, they turned out just fine.

I used the tortillas to make chicken enchiladas. Yesterday we roasted a chicken from KFF and today I shredded the last of it for the enchiladas. When I was done with that I took what was left and made stock. I’ve never done a 3 part recipe with a chicken before. I mean, I knew it could be done, I just never had before.

Other things I’ve made this week were guacamole, hummus, and these soaked granola bars. (I should note that the link explains the soaking/drying the oats, but I believe there is a link on there to her pdf for the actual recipe.) They are tasty but a lot of work. Ok, well not really, but take more thought and planning than traditional granola bars. I’m trying to eat better again and it helps that I have more energy to make healthy snacks.

Also, during the clear out process this week I realized how I’ve changed for the better, but still have a ways to go. Some of what I got rid of was clothing that just didn’t fit anymore, but a lot of it was just random nonsense. Like a bunch of mostly full perfumes and tons of old makeup. It made me sad for spending all that money in the first place, but I’m glad I’m a bit better with that now. Of course, there is always room for improvement.

I know more happened this week but I’m too tired and brain dead right now to remember. But…I will have a cool announcement soon!!! (No, I’m not pregnant!)


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