>You say "cheap" and I say "frugal."


Actually it’s ok, I’ll call myself cheap. At least when it comes to certain things.

I have no problem spending decent money on quality food but when it comes to TVs I just can’t justify it. This leads to my like-new, $20 Craigslist TV that I got this week.

No, we didn’t add a second TV to our house. The TV we had (and got for free from HMF when she received a new TV as a gift) finally kicked the bucket. So I decided that if we were going to continue to have a TV it would be free or cheap.

So after a quick glance on Craigslist, an email, a few phone calls later, a trip up to Ganesvoort, and a universal remote from Target….we are back in the TV Netflix Instant View watching game.

Chris and I have decided we probably have the smallest TV of any Navy family we know. If you know many Navy families, you will get the joke. And we still have never upgraded to a flat screen. Our DVD player is also broken so when we want to watch a DVD we plug Jack’s tiny portable player into the TV. I know DVD players are super cheap these days, but I’m still too cheap to get a new one.

I should note that it doesn’t bother me when other people have big, modern TVs; I just can’t physically spend the money on that. I will gladly spend money on gardening equipment, bulk food orders, and stuff for derby though! Oh, and beer of course, can’t forget that.


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