We Conquered Monday

Using it for the first time. Glorious!

Yesterday Chris had the day off, the weather was beautiful, and we decided to check a few home projects off the list.

We transplanted some stuff into the garden, and then got a new hose sprayer attachment since our other one broke. I should note that if you live somewhere cold, remove your hose before winter.

The past 2 winters I didn’t do this. It busted the pipe. Thankfully, my super handy stepdad was visiting this weekend and fixed it. He saved us an expensive call to the plumber and I’ll never make that dumb mistake again. To be fair, the last time I lived in a house where I used a garden hose, I lived in Phoenix. So I guess it’s understandable that I don’t know important winterizing things yet.

We also got two clothesline wheels, some clothesline, and more clothespins. I’ve wanted to be able to dry my clothes outside for so long. Considering all we had to do was hack up a bush that was blocking one of the trees we needed to anchor into, it seems criminal that it took us this long to do it.

I will say that original plans called for a permanent clothesline or those drying umbrellas. For those you need concrete, a wheelbarrow, and post hole digger. So a much bigger project for sure. This route cost less than $10 and I’m a happy camper.

At Lowe’s we picked up a few LED bulbs. As our CFLs go out we are gradually replacing them with LEDs. They are more expensive but do last longer. It’s a really good thing we aren’t replacing them all at once.

We also found these nifty things that go on top of posts like you would have on railings or decks. They are solar powered and have a small bulb inside them. We put them on the posts at the bottom of the stairs that lead into the house. This means we don’t have to leave the outside light on as much, or try to stumble up the stairs in the dark.

When I looked back over the day I realized that each of the things we did helps reduce energy use in some way. Yes, I realize we had to drive to get this stuff, but overall I think it helps.

From now through October I should be able to dry all our laundry outside, and our lighting additions will help in a small way with energy use at home. The garden we are planting filters CO2 and since I’m growing probably way too many tomatoes, it means I’ll hopefully have enough pasta sauce and salsa to last through the winter, avoiding buying it at the store.

We didn’t completely intend for that initially but it’s certainly a good bonus!


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