Homemade Larabars and Friendly Visits

Today I went to hang out with HMF and her adorable children. I hadn’t seen her in waaaaaaay too long and I owed her the bday gift I had promised her, which was overdue.

It was nice to catch up and chit chat, especially in the company of a sweet baby who kept blowing drool bubbles and smiling at me. I also got to present her with the Larabar-style bars I made for her. I had made some a few weeks ago, but didn’t want to share it here and ruin the surprise.

These are super easy to make and each batch made 4 bars. This is a post with lots of links to different recipes but I used this one for Cashew Crunch and this one for PB&J. All you need are the ingredients and a food processor. (For the PB&J one she says to use a 1/2 cup of dates and that it makes two bars. I basically just doubled the dates and they seemed to be fine, plus it made 4 bars that way.)

While there we talked about several things but we also got to do one of my favorite things….look at cookbooks. Seriously, I have an addiction. She also told me of a cool e-course with a mom blogger on how to best use my DSLR camera and we discussed the Red Velvet online courses.

When I got home I was thinking how I’m very lucky to have so many talented, creative friends. Of course I always want to do more than I have the time for and it’s nice to know I’m not alone in this. It’s also nice to know there are lots of people in my life who enjoy things like cooking and crafting. In a weird way, it makes me feel like there’s hope for humanity after all.

Talking with like-minded friends is also a better resource than just endlessly trolling the internet for ideas. Seriously, that thing is like a rabbit hole for delicious food and amazing projects, but sometimes you really need the trusted words of a friend to say, “This is awesome, do it!”

And it’s also nice to reassure myself that I’m not the only one who sometimes chooses to get hopelessly sucked into Netflix Instant View instead of crossing things off my never-ending “I Wanna” list.


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