A Picnic Blanket

All rolled up. I just used a solid color for the bottom.

If you follow Progressive Pioneer then you are already familiar with her “Friday Make & Do.” I usually just ooooh and aaaaah over all the cool projects, but hardly ever get around to doing any of them.

Well not this week!

She linked to the outdoor blanket from The Sleepy Time Gal and I realized that I totally needed one of those for my car and I could make that in no time.

A cute, outdoorsy, owly pattern for the top.

So today I got some fabric and used sturdy cotton fabric for the top and bottom. The bottom is outdoor upholstery fabric and the top was in the “juvenile” fabric section, because kids are so crazy they need industrial grade fabric to prevent wardrobe destruction…or something like that.

At any rate, the blanket should hold up better than thin quilter’s cotton and the like. I also got some double fold bias tape for the trim and tie, and matching thread.

At most you’d be able to complete this in 3 hours. I plan to keep it in my car, especially since the weather will be super nice soon and you never know when your child will pester you to go to the park.


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