If you have followed for some time you know I’ve made some big and small changes to the blog recently. The biggest being that I moved it from Blogger to WordPress.

When I started the blog it was mostly to keep track of what we’d done, both so I could search old recipes from time to time and to look back and get reminders of our fun & creative times as a family. Since, it was only friends and family that used to read the blog, it made sense then to keep it as it was.

Now that more people read it, even those who don’t know me personally, I wanted to streamline things to make it easier to read and get information from. So, I’ve been updating the pages and adding new stuff as well.

I also plan to incorporate some better pictures and more comprehensive tutorials. Some other things include interviews with other writers/bloggers/friends and also more posts that link to sites, books, and companies/products I really like. Personally, I really like to get recommendations from my friends or trusted sources before making certain purchases so I want to include that type of thing here as well.

I really, truly appreciate it that people are willing to read what I write and follow what we are up to. By all means, if you have suggestions for something you’d like to see, or see more of, just let me know.



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