The Final Countdown~ DIY Summer Camp

By this time tomorrow I’ll be done with the Wednesday market and I’ll be sitting having drinks with Chris and Jason. Chris is picking him up from the airport while I’m working.

Already on the schedule for tomorrow I will be showing him a bread recipe and making deodorant. We will be cramming as much into 7 weeks as we possibly can.

Thursday I plan to do some stuff around the house with him during the day and at night while Jack and I are at 4H, Chris and Jason will be making sausages. Friday night they are going to help roast a pig and they need the sausages for it. Saturday is the actual event and then Sunday is Fancy Dinner Club. (I am planning a follow-up post from the event for From Scratch Club so stay tuned!)

Next week it’s me and Jason during the day so you better believe we are going to cook everything under the sun. Later in the week we are going camping and then he gets to go to derby!

I need to make sure to get cheesemaking supplies and a few things for cold process soap making. My challenge to myself is to post something every day that we have done. Sometimes it might just be a post of photos with captions but I’m still going to try to get stuff up.

I hope you enjoy following along with us on our crazy DIY Summer Camp Adventures!


2 thoughts on “The Final Countdown~ DIY Summer Camp

  1. Christina

    You guys are insane!! I love it- bring on the daily posts with lots of pictures and info on all the adventures. First up, make your own deodorant?! Need to know all about that!


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