Day 2-Jam, Sausage & Ice Cream

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Tomorrow there will be plenty of pictures as we finish the jam, I promise. Anything related to sausage making will be devoid of pictures unless I happen to be around because Chris doesn’t take picture for me. Crazy, huh?

This morning I was wondering what to do and then I remembered all the rhubarb that’s been sitting in my fridge. So I went on over to Local Kitchen (because she will never lead you astray) and found this recipe for jam right away.

Now I didn’t have currants but I did have tons of blueberries left in my freezer and she says it’s perfectly fine to use those instead. Yay! So I got to chopping the rhubarb and I used an orange in place of the lemon, simply because that’s what I had on hand.

Then I gave Jason the manly task of macerating the fruit. So he got to learn how to start making jam and he learned the word “macerate.” Rad. The mixture has to sit overnight, so we will finish it in the morning.

Later in the day Jason mentioned making ice cream so I busted out The Perfect Scoop. He decided upon the chocolate peanut butter.We made up the mix so it could cool while they were making sausage tonight.

When Chris got home they picked up some meat at Sanders Market and went to a friend’s house to make sausage and bacon. I also managed to solve a meat smoking crisis as I used my connection with Chuck Curtiss from Willow Marsh to get a backup smoker for the party.

The original one got all messed up during the winter and there was about to be a serious dilemma with regard to the party. I may not have the hippest connections but I certainly do have practical ones!

Later we busted out the ice cream maker and mixed up the ice cream. It was terrific. While browsing the book today I noticed a recipe for basil ice cream. I will be making that for sure!


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