Day 5- Basement Nightmares

That image pretty much conveys how I felt during the 2.5 hours I spent in the basement today with Jason cleaning it out. When we moved in 2 years ago there was a bunch of extra stuff that just went to the basement and stayed there. Considering my basement looks like something out of a Saw movie I haven’t bothered to sort though any of it…..until today.

We went through just about everything and Jason swept away the cobwebs (there were MANY), and swept the crazy dirty floor. The sweeping kicked up so much dust (and who knows what else) that he kept having to run outside to sneeze and get fresh air.

It’s so damp down there (like all the other basements in our super old neighborhood) that in a few spots we literally had some mushrooms growing. Yes, mushrooms.

In about a week when everything has settled we just have a few more things we need to pull out of there. I may also disinfect the floor. There’s no real way to fully clean the floor down there but I imagine there’s probably residual mildew all over the place. yuck.

At least the night ended well with our fourth installment of Fancy Food Club. I’ll be writing a post soon on From Scratch Club for it as well.


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