Days 6 & 7-Gardening, Running, Tacos & Whiskey

Yesterday Jason and I went crazy on the garden. He weeded the outer perimeter (which was amazing and long overdue) while I moved over some of the peppers and tomatoes I grew from seed. They were big enough now to be transplanted.

I also harvested up all the radishes and arugula and a bunch of the mesclun so I made us a salad before driving up to Congress Park to run. To be fair, Jason did most of the running; I ran for a bit and then just tried not to die.

Last night we made tacos all from scratch. I showed him how to make tortillas from this recipe (which I used in place of the usual one and I actually like it better, but used 2 cups AP flour & 3 cups whole wheat plus Spectrum shortening instead of Crisco). Jason mixed up taco seasoning from this recipe but we omitted the dried onions and just cooked up some red onion with the ground beef.

Today we were a bit more lazy during the day but we both went running again, but separate routes at different times.

Tonight I made breakfast burritos for dinner with some of the extra tortillas. I also got to use some romaine from my garden.

Now Chris and Jason are both at the last whiskey tasting of the season at 9 Maple. Lucky ducks. Tomorrow Jason and I need to make graham crackers for s’mores for camping and at night Chris is going to show him how to cook up the bacon they made, which is curing in the fridge right now.


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