Days 8-12: Market Work, Camping Time, & Derby

Jason has been getting to work in lieu of me at the market. Michael needed him Wednesday since I couldn’t work. He got to sell the 500 pints of strawberries the crew had just picked, plus earn some spending money.

Thursday we went camping at Moreau Lake with HMF and her brood. We had a crazy good time.

As we were driving up there it was hailing and I was really hoping the storm would blow over. For the most part it did, but we did have to set up our tents in the rain and with a million mosquitos biting us.

We cooked up our own skillet baked beans, Lewis Waite hot dogs, corn, and s’mores. For the most part we just sat around and ate all that awesome camp food and drank beer. Really you don’t need much more than that when it comes to camping.

Saturday Jason got to work at the market again and then we took him to his first derby bout. It was amazing and we won by just 2 points! I love watching those ladies skate.

Today we took it easy since it was raining and Jason was a little hungover. I had plans to pick strawberries but I think we’ll aim for tomorrow as long as it isn’t raining.

Also, I’m going to show him how to make yogurt, hummus, whole wheat sandwich bread and granola. Mmmmmmmm.


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