Ok so my winner from Facebook never responded and I really want to send an awesome person the strawberry bread I’ve been dying to make. So here’s the deal:

Between now and 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday (yep, tomorrow) you can enter and then I will ship out your bread on Thursday. Here is what I need from you….

In the comments tell me something you make or have made that you are proud of. It can be something cooked, baked, canned, sewn, knitted, crocheted, built, repurposed, grown, etc.

By all means you are welcome to share recipes/directions/instructions.

Thanks and stay tuned for the winner!


7 thoughts on “Contest!

  1. Elle

    Because I’m so un-domestic, I get excessively proud EVERY time I hand make something. The thing that first comes to mind though is last year’s strawberry jam. Picked the berries, made the jam and canned for the first time ever!

  2. Christine

    Homemade strawberry bread?! And someone didn’t respond? Craziness. I would LOVE some of your homemade strawberry bread.

    I am super proud of the beet and brown rice veggie burgers last week. It wasn’t an original recipe, but I was so surprised how delicious they were! Even non-beet lovers would have gobbled these up… the right flavor, consistency and it doesn’t hurt that you fry them a bit so they get nice and crispy. A perfect veggie option for summer BBQs. In non-food news, I’m proud of a wedding quilt I just finished for my sister and her husband. It took me a year, but I hope it was worth the wait ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Carrie

    My favorite things I am proud of making are canned jams and tomatoes…

    Strawberry rhubarb and bluebarb… yummy.. Plus diced tomatoes cut just to the size I like em with my fresh grown basil and garlic in them..


  4. corrina

    hmm, i think i’ll have to go with one of my default baked goods. the glazed orange scones from vegan with a vengeance. it’s not my recipe, obvs, but dang do i feel confident when i bust out a batch of those to share.

  5. Erika T. Post author

    I seriously love these answers! They are making me very hungry though. I absolutely have to try those burgers because I have some beets in the fridge right now.

    I would love to see pics of the quilt. I’m slowly working on what is supposed to be a summertime picnic quilt which will most likely end up being a very brightly colored winter throw for the couch. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Corrie I demand you make those scones for me.

  6. Momma Chunk

    I love to create things for my home and family. I try to engage it into a way of life. I knit my boys socks, hats, scarves, mittens. I also knit our blankets and baby clothes. Right now I am knitting my grandmother a sweater with Celtic Cables up the front and sleeves. I love baking, I am very proud that I make ALL our own bread, and every thing we eat either comes from our own garden, or is made from scratch.


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