KFF U-Pick Extravaganza!

Jack and I drove out Monday to Kilpatrick Family Farm for their U-Pick Strawberry Event for CSA members. If you ever get the chance to drive up the 40 on a nice day, you must do it! Just farms and rolling green hills with mountains in the distance.

We got there and picked strawberries then went over and took a farm tour. It was cool to see how the crops had been rotated since last year and see where the animals are now. There are a lot more pigs so they have a big area way out in the back now.

I saw a lot of familiar faces too! Several friends (both new and old) and Christine from From Scratch Club and Unspeakable Visions came all the way up from Albany for it.

We ate strawberry shortcake and got to pet all sorts of adorable animals. If it weren’t totally weird I’d just hold baby goats all day and tell them silly stories. Ridiculous…I realize this.

When I got home I was filthy and exhausted. Whenever I shower after going to the farm I’m astonished at the quantity of dirt around the drain. But it just reminds me how glad I am that in 2 weeks I’ll be out there working on Fridays.

I just can’t wait for the day when “farm work” will mean walking out into my own backyard and not driving an hour before I can start. Patience, patience.

Before dinner we went out for ice cream. Isn't summer awesome?!


3 thoughts on “KFF U-Pick Extravaganza!

  1. Sarah Philyaw

    It was great hanging out with you at the farm. Hopefully your little muscle man made it out of that bee sting ok. He’s so brave!! I know how you feel about the goats. I told Keith that I was leaving dogs behind and only having goats from now on lol. Don’t tell my pooches!

  2. Erika T. Post author

    Amazingly he was fine the rest of the day after the sting. What a trooper! I wish I could have a bunch of housebroken goats. I’d be in heaven.


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