My Haul

After I got Jack from school we went out to Saratoga Apple to get some more peaches. I wanted to get another market basket as well because my other one has now become my knitting basket.

While there, Jack wanted to get cherries, and I saw the asparagus so I got a bundle. They had tons of beautiful peonies so I got one and put it in the empty bottle from the mead our friend Tamara made last year.

Peonies are incredible. They look like they are made from tissue paper and they smell amazing.

I also got some donuts but cider donuts don’t stay around long enough to photograph! I grabbed a cup of coffee out there too and the lady working told me it was a “coffee and donuts day” and she was right because it was Day 2 of crazy thunderstorms.

We made grilled asparagus with homemade hollandaise sauce for dinner. I really need to enjoy some more asparagus before they are completely gone for the year.


4 thoughts on “My Haul

  1. Liz

    My basket was victim to a similar fate ๐Ÿ™‚ I should go get another one too instead of always crushing my veggie loot from market with milk, etc. Will you post the homemade hollandaise? I have always wanted to try making it! Also, the peaches at SA as well as Hand Melon and other “local” markets are likely trucked in from other parts of the country and purchased from a local produce wholesaler or at the produce wholesale market in Menands. I still like buying at places like SA, HM and even Lakeside because at least I am supporting a local retailer for something that can’t be found in season locally.

    1. Erika T. Post author

      I had a feeling something was fishy with their other produce. I mean, I know they have some dry goods there too. But I definitely feel better spending my money there then at Hannaford and I guess since most of my produce is local/season, it isn’t terrible to splurge every now and then. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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