Days 18-27 Held Back By Rain


Progress has been a bit slower around here lately. Jason went to Brooklyn Friday morning and came back last night. Last week before he left it was raining like crazy for 3 days straight.

They were able to get the post holes dug for the fence (and then they promptly filled most of the way with rainwater) ordered our supplies. Today they are going to fill the holes with concrete and posts.

I took Jack letterboxing again and got some cute pictures but somehow my computer ate them. Or that’s my theory, I really don’t know what happened.

We enjoyed the last derby bout of the season on Saturday. We won (YAY B Squad!!) and then we went to a bar called Mahar’s with about a billion different beers to choose from. Deelish!

I also got a lot done on my summertime picnic quilt. I may head down to Almost One of a Kind today to rent their huge quilting machine so I can assemble the whole thing. As soon as it’s done and ready to be picnic’d upon I’ll show it off.

~wild turtle visitor~


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