Day 28-Fence Posts & a Nature Walk

~taking notes in the nature journal~

Today Jack and I took a walk around town and reported on interesting things we could see in nature. I used this nature journal for him and we have enough sheets left for 4 more outings.

We saw animals, flowers, a mineral spring, an abandoned crumbling factory, a man fly fishing and what appeared to be lots of fur on the nature trail. That was a tad creepy because there was a lot of it and it was in several spots on the trail.

~the leaves on this plant feel like dog ears~

~next to an old tunnel~

We picked up lunch on the way home for the guys. They were busy putting in fence posts. They got a bunch of them in today.

I weeded the garden and planted some more romaine. The weeds were out of control since we’ve had such crazy rain.

Tonight we had a simple dinner of pasta with alfredo sauce. I used those 3 ingredients (pictured below) plus fresh ground pepper and some rosemary. It didn’t turn out as creamy as I’m used to, but it was still good.

While making dinner I made a double batch of Jillian’s chard veggie burgers. I also added kale and some garlic scapes. We’ll cook them up tomorrow after I get home from working the market.

All in all a good and busy day all around.

~Chris & Jason fill in a fence post hole~

~the ingredients for simple alfredo sauce~


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