I Want to Do This!

The above image can be found here along with many other very inspiring ones.

I’ve been pondering a cowgirlesque plan for a few months now but my love of cowgirls began as a kid when we used to go to the rodeo and I would stare with pure admiration at the barrel racers in their tight jeans and tasseled shirts.

Most of my childhood was spent in the Southwest, living in places where there were actual tumbleweeds and where famous cowboys once passed through. I’ve been to ghost town and places where pioneers had big dreams of gold.

So, I want to pull together my love for dressing up, my affinity for assuming aliases (Keel Haul Kate (pirate)/Brass Snuggles (roller derby), a part of my history, and my recent realization that I’m not a bad shot and learn how to do what is called Cowboy Action Shooting.

So here is what it is: people dress up like they just came from the Wild West and have shooting competitions and staged shoot-outs with period weapons or replicas. Awesome, right?!

So I just have to do a few things to get the ball rolling. I have to keep practicing shooting and I have to go check one of these out and ask questions. There’s a club near here and they have events each month.

Costumes are clearly not a problem for me. That would actually be the easiest part of this whole endeavor. Plus I’d have a real reason to make multiple bonnets! (I’m a sucker for a bonnet.)

Oh and there’s another level to this where you can actually do it while riding a horse. Now THAT would be a cool skill to have.

Hmmmm….I guess I just have to come up with a clever name now huh?


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