Dairy Bonanza

This is the cow responsible for my current dairy mayhem.

Today I got 2 gallons of milk out at the farm while I was working and when I got home I began doing lots of different things with it.

First, I skimmed off all the cream, and got about a quart of it. Tomorrow I will use that to make butter. I’ve never made butter before but I’ve really wanted to. I hope it works!

Then I took a little more than a quart of milk and cooked it to make sour cream. I got a starter culture from Cultures for Health a few months back but hadn’t used it yet. The 2 jars are currently sitting in my oven (turned off though) where they can hopefully stay around 77 degrees until tomorrow night.

At the market tomorrow I want to get some yogurt from Argyle Cheese Farmer to use as a starter for more yogurt. In the past I’ve just used stuff from the grocery store but I seriously love the yogurt at the market and I’d rather use theirs.

Friday I will be coming home with even more milk. It sure helps to have another adult in the house to consume it all, but I’m going to need to think of things to do with this sudden onslaught of milk.

I’m also going to look into goat milk so that I can make goat milk soap. Oh boy, I’m nervous just thinking about making soap.


5 thoughts on “Dairy Bonanza

  1. Christina

    Erika, remember you saw my email about the cheesemaking party next Wednesday night right?!?! You need to bring your own milk…. Details to follow.

  2. Sarah Philyaw

    I love this post! Cris and I just made a bunch of butter and frozen yogurt! I want to talk to Elizabeth (i’m pretty sure that’s the sister that takes care of the cow right?) about getting some of her milk. And BTW I need to know more about make your own cheese!!

    1. Erika T. Post author

      Nice! I made butter today. It’s Elizabeth’s milk I’ve been using. I actually made pudding today as well and whipped cream, and I still have tons of milk. This week I’ll be making cheese at an FSC get together and probably some more yogurt.


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