A little of this and that.

Lately I’ve been busy in a way that only signals summer is in full effect. I’ve actually been waking up early (which means I have something terribly wrong with my brain as I loathe waking up even minutes sooner than I have to) to get a few extra things done.

Jack has been going to the free day camp that happens every morning at the park up the road, and this has given me a chance to get to the Y and fool myself into thinking I’ll ever fit into some of that stuff I still have from college.

The guys have all the stringers up on the fence, the slats have arrived and all items for the 3 gates have been purchased. It’s looking as if by Monday evening we may have a fully functional fence.

I keep going through milk like crazy. I made both vanilla and chocolate pudding the other night. Tomorrow we are having a From Scratch Club cheese making party as well. I sort of want to make frozen yogurt too.

Lots of clerical work out at the farm. It’s a change of pace. Interesting (to some degree) and teaching me important things to consider for when we have our own farm. There is something I miss about working in the washing shed though.

Our garden is out of control. Seriously, if you want greens, contact me. Soon I’m going to have to start fostering bunnies or something just to feed all these greens to some living creature who can keep up. (Speaking of bunnies, we have one living under the side of the house. Chris won’t let us keep it.)

I’ve also been reading a lot and I’m chugging along on a knitting project. I still need to take pictures of my completed summertime picnic quilt. I should probably make a bonnet before the end of summer too.

Yep, busy as ever. I’ll sleep when I’m dead.


3 thoughts on “A little of this and that.

  1. Elle

    Please let me know how the cheese-making goes. I’m super intrigued. Once the DIY school starts, I’m all over it.

  2. 2 Black Dogs (Meg P)

    So glad that your garden is exploding! Ours is, too. Just picked the first beans of the season, and they were A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Had never picked fresh beans and then immediately cooked them for dinner. Nothing finer.

    You are starting DIY school? Sign me up, lady!


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