A goodbye and a thank you.

“Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.”~Garrison Keillor

That might just be my most favorite quote of all time. I think it sums up the end of this first DIY Summer Camp perfectly.

Jason leaves bright and early tomorrow (Thursday). Somehow 7 weeks went by faster than I could ever imagine.

A fence was built, beers were had, stuff got made. It was amazing and unforgettable.

It’s sad that it’s over. I don’t know much else to say exactly. We each have our separate lives to get back to…but it’s still sad.

Jason didn’t just come to hang out, he came to work and learn. He got to work with us and the Kilpatricks. He got to be part of our world for a brief moment, and I hope he enjoyed it as much as we did.

I hope he can show his crazy college friends how easy it is to make bread, or how fun it is to roast a pig. That it is totally possible to build your own fence, and can jam. And how important it is to support local, sustainable agriculture.

Most of the time I feel like these things are the only hope for this ridiculous world. I wish we could’ve done more, but we did a lot. I’m thankful for all of his hard work and willingness to learn.

So as you go back to college and on with your life….Be well…Do good work…

…and keep in touch. Thanks.


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