Summertime Picnic Quilt

You can see my first quilt hanging on the line in the back as well.

Yesterday I washed my quilts and threw them on the line outside. I figured it would be a good time to get out the camera and finally snap some photos and tell you a bit about it.

I made it from 2 packs of fat quarters that I bought from a local store specializing in antiques, crafts, and other cool vintage goods. The owner always cuts her own bundles of fat quarters and usually has great patterns. They are my own hidden treasure. I actually used them for the first quilt I ever made.

I first pulled out each fat quarter and ironed it. Boring and tedious, but I was determined to take more time with this one to make it good, and not rushed and sloppy. Then I made sure the edges were even and I cut them into uniform blocks.

Each bundle of fat quarters had slightly different measurements, so the blocks ended up being two separate sizes. I took all the ones of one size and pinned them together in several strips. Then I did the same with the others. I took those long strips and pinned them to each other.

Look at the new fence back there!

With all of this pinning I realized that if I pinned all the strips side-by-side I wouldn’t have a picnic quilt…I’d have a queen size duvet! So, instead of making an extra trip to get fabric for the back, I made it reversible.

I used some batting made from organic, unbleached cotton and used doubled folded bias tape that is made for quilt binding. Why I never noticed this at the fabric store sooner is beyond me. It saved me so much time not having to make my own trim.

I really wanted to rent an hour on the long arm quilter at Almost One of a Kind to finish, but I wasn’t able to. Instead I just did some crazy top stitching on my own machine. It’s not going to win any awards, but it’s functional and will hold the whole thing together well for a long time.

The weather has been a bit odd this summer so we haven’t had a chance to use it quite yet, but hopefully soon. At any rate, the bright colors will certainly put a smile on my face when I’m snuggled under the quilt on those bleak winter afternoons.


7 thoughts on “Summertime Picnic Quilt

  1. Christine

    Holy moly, this is incredible! I just finished my first quilt this year and they are much more work than you would guess… and I didn’t even do any quilting on top, just hand-tied it. Love the fabrics you chose too.

  2. Liz

    Love it! I didn’t know you were a quilter too! I’ve done lots of baby quilts and throws, one queen size and have an inprogress applique solar system quilt that is taking me FOREVER for my nephew. It was supposed to be for his 4th birthday and he will be 5 this November so I am hoping to finish it. I tend to over commit to involved piecing designs… I love the simplicity and vintage feel of using the fat quarters… good idea!

    1. Erika T. Post author

      I’m sure yours are way better than mine. I certainly can’t do patterns, I just sort of make up my own. The solar system one sounds incredible though. I can’t wait to see it! I get the fat quarters from Stitches and Time on Route 29 before you hit Saratoga Apple.


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