Fun Times at the County Fair

I love the fair. Yep, love it. The horrible, unhealthy food, the crazy people, the exhibits…all of it. That’s why I tend to go 3 times each year.

To the right on the table behind him is his collection.

This year since Jack has been in 4H we got to get in for free. It was exciting to see all of his 4H projects on display but even better was seeing that he won a 3rd place ribbon for his Lego/Bionicle collection. It took a lot of explaining for him to realize that 3rd place means something good and does not, in fact, mean yours was the worst display. Ugh, kids.

Each time we went back he wanted to go see his collection again and again, and I didn’t mind at all. I was very proud of him because he works very hard on his Lego projects and really loves building with them.

That's how a cowgirl ropes a calf. Incredible.

We also saw the rodeo, which is something else I love. I believe I may have been 4 or 5 when I went to the rodeo for the first time. We used to go a lot when we lived in New Mexico. I used to get scared that the calves were getting hurt during calf roping. I always loved the barrel racing. I still do, it’s my favorite.

Coming up to barrel #3.

Rounding barrel #3. Look how far they are leaning to that one side! Her foot almost touches the ground.

If you’ve never been to a rodeo (for shame!) I shall explain. The coolest women ever ride their horses into the arena as fast as they possibly can. They try to get their horse around 3 different barrels as fast as they can. If they knock a barrel down, 5 seconds gets added to their time. Once they round the final barrel they race back out of the arena while everyone cheers.

Almost done!

We got to see adorable animals and quilts that are so glorious it makes you feel like yours are just a notch above dishrags. Seriously, these quilts were stellar. If I can ever make a quilt half as good, it will be a miracle.

~headers & heelers~ father and son

Now I have to wait a year until it comes back. That’s fine because I need to plan all the various things I’m going to enter. So far I’m thinking a baked good, a preserve, something sewn/knitted/crocheted, and a photo or two. I’ll be dreaming of those blue ribbons for the next year.


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