A Good Reminder

Image From Cooking Light

Recently I made some beer mustard. I had to halve the batch because I didn’t have enough mustard seeds.

I had 2 of those small containers that they sell at the grocery store and it barely measured a 1/2 cup. I still had to put the same amount of effort into making the mustard but I didn’t get nearly enough, and it was a bummer.

Today I went and got bulk mustard seeds. I filled a sandwich bag 2/3 of the way full and only had to pay two bucks and change. Plus they were organic. Each tiny container at the store cost over two dollars.

So now I just need to narrow down my options for which mustards I want to make next.

Friendly reminder….buy bulk whenever you can. Overpaying for a silly container just isn’t worth it. The worst part is I already knew this, but was just being lazy and picked up the seeds on my weekly trip to the store.

It’s always good to get a kick in the pants every so often.


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