~eats this week~

The Summertime Picnic Quilt in action at the pool.

Some weeks just work well when it comes to dinner. I’d love to say that every week I make an awesome meal plan on Sunday for the week ahead but that rarely happens.

I wish it could happen, but Chris and I often just bat around different ideas and sometimes, on crazy days, it comes down to take out food. I wish it wasn’t like that, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

However we’ve been putting together some pretty tasty stuff this week.

Dairy facts sign at Willow Marsh. How cute is it that we have a dairy princess?

I got lots of eggs at Willow Marsh the other day so I came right home and made dough for challah bread. I also made 22 whole wheat hamburger buns. Go big or go home, right? Actually I just prefer to make large batches of things when I can to alleviate excess kitchen time in the future.

My sweet southern belle....what a ham!

Chris is now working the mid shift for this next week so while he was switching his body clock over he made bacon jam (that’ll have a post of its own!) and tomato basil chicken sausage (with tomatoes and basil from the garden). He made the sausage into patties that we had tonight on my buns with homemade slaw. I think we are going to turn the rest of it into meatballs to have with pasta.

Chris also ground up pork last night which we cooked up with garlic, onion, and jalepenos after dinner tonight. I put it into a crock pot with crushed tomatoes, chopped green peppers, and black beans. Tomorrow morning Jack and I are going to make tortillas and let the chili cook all day.

I’m not really sure what the weekend will bring but it certainly has been nice having all this delicious food this week!


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