Mama squid carrot with her baby. (This has nothing to do with this post, it's just funny.)

Oddly enough I’ve had trouble writing any new posts. Don’t get me wrong…I’ve been making and doing a crazy amount of stuff lately. But at night I settle in and watch a documentary or knit (and often do work) and just can’t seem to find the motivation.

I’ve been great about exercising lately and also canning and both are physical, sweaty activities that exhaust me, in a good way. I know that’s definitely played a big part in my evening slackerness.

I don’t think a lull is terrible though. Sometimes it’s nice to catch up on my favorite blogs or just zone out a bit. Soon I will be in a posting frenzy and tell you all about:

-U-pick outings

-a surprise trip to a Naval destroyer

-jalapeno jelly, blueberry cherry balsamic black pepper jam, bruschetta in a jar and hot pepper peach jam

-bacon (from the pig I watch die) curing in the fridge

-farm work

-knitted cardigan

-and more!

….now back to Netflix.


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