A Good Balance

Fog rolling in on the farm.

I’m currently sitting here not knitting or building a recipe binder (2 things I ought to be doing) so I figure I could do something else productive and tell you about our first few weeks of homeschooling.

It honestly hasn’t been that odd or scary or stressful. I think that starting some school related stuff over the summer really helped. There was no real first day of school around here. I think this took the pressure off of us a bit.

Jack finished up his Explode the Code (online version) a couple weeks ago. Then we switched over to Time 4 Learning for his basic language arts curriculum. He absolutely loves it which makes me happy. Sometimes he will even do extra work just because he thinks it’s fun. AWESOME!

I wanted to fill the weeks with fun stuff but not too much where we were running around like maniacs all the time; especially since I will still be working every Wednesday afternoon at the market and once a week on the farm through October. Basically we have art class each Tuesday, science club and 4H every other Thursday, and swim lessons on Fridays.

Jack actually went to his first lesson tonight and did really well. He goes to the Y for his class and the instructors are incredible. He was having so much fun and kept smiling at me as he was swimming past. He even jumped from the side of the pool into the water for the first time ever, and didn’t freak out. YAY!

Farm cat Chet looks through the toy box after killing a mouse.

For this fall we are working on a Revolutionary War project. We will be reading various books on the topic and then revisiting the Saratoga Battle Monument (where we got married), the Saratoga Battlefield, and Fort Ticonderoga. The hope is that after learning the history we can all appreciate these places better.

Yesterday Jack and I started a project of making bats for Halloween decor and earlier in the week we built stuff from polymer clay. We squeeze math into the nooks and crannies of our days.

So, there you have it so far. It actually seems more normal than anything. I was way more stressed out getting him off to school 5 days a week before and I think he was too.


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