2 Months; Home

On Saturday we went to a bonfire (that technically wasn’t really a bonfire since we were still under a Burn Ban and had to put the fire out about an hour after it was lit). That morning I worked at the farmers’ market. In both places I saw people I knew, in some cases, I saw the same people in both places.

At the party I was talking to my friend Allison of Homesprout about blogging. She said she noticed I hadn’t put anything up in some time. It’s true.

Over 2 months have passed since I put anything in this space. I’ve had lots of lots to talk about, but somehow it never made it here.

We’ve made delicious meals, been fun places, friends have been married, veggies planted, veggies sold, bees placed in hives, spring cleaning completed, and general hanging around together as a family.

I’ve tried to keep things humming along over on Facebook for anyone who follows me over there. I’ve posted about several things over at From Scratch Club:

Prepping for the arrival of my bees  and when I finally got them.

When Jack and I went to the Women’s Farming Conference.

And when we all at squirrel.

In these last two months Chris has left the Navy, and just this week started a new job. A regular, civilian job, and it’s glorious. Jack and I have taken countless trips to many really cool places. The outdoor markets have begun and I got to hire and train a lot of great people for the summer. I helped get little plants ready to sell at our annual Plant Sale at church.

And I realized I’m finally home.

In one month one of my best friends will move away. Her husband is about to leave the Navy too. This is all very bittersweet.

I’m used to the leaving, the packing, the moving…because it’s always us that are going somewhere else.

It occurred to me the other day that as of this summer, I will have lived longer under this roof than in any place since high school. This summer will only mark 3 years. That sounds a bit batty I’m sure, especially to people who still live in the town they grew up in.

Being at the market and bonfire I realized I don’t just have friends here now, I have a lot of friends. There are so many people I know in this little corner of Upstate New York. From here on out, it’s me who will wave goodbye to the last of the Navy families I know who will eventually leave this place.

It is a strange and comforting feeling all at the same time.

When I was little and we moved a lot I always wished I could somehow bring all my friends together in one place so I could see all of them constantly, because I missed my old friends so much. I assumed as an adult you just didn’t have to worry about that, because why would you keep moving so much?!

Well I just kept moving all around, but I think I can safely say I’m not going anywhere for awhile. The nerd in me still wishes teleportation was real, so that I could see my friends on a whim, but in the meantime I suppose I’ll just stick with facebook.


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