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Happy Halloween/Blessed Samhain

Today is my most favorite day of the year! I’m about to get ready and get into costume (yes I dress up and I try to spend most of the day dressed up as well!) and then we will be heading to Chipotle for $2 “booritos” and then to Jillian’s for some trick or treating.

I wanted to do something creative this year that involved nature. Last year we made bats and spiders out of construction paper and black paper plates. They are cute and we put them out again this year.

I decided we would make a pentacle wreath both as a nod to Mother Nature and as a protection charm for the house. I plan to keep it up until it’s too darn cold, and then I’ll move it to our interior door. The neighbors probably think we are weird already, now I’m sure they will think we worship the devil. 😉

We got everything at a craft store and put it together this morning. It was really simple and I think it came out nicely.

I explained to Jack about the history of Samhain and how it’s changed to Halloween over time. This is a holiday that seems more relevant in my life now more than ever. Since much of my life revolves around growing seasons, it seems very fitting that this is the end of the year.

In two days we will celebrate Dia de los Muertos with some sweet bread and an altar in the kitchen.

Now we march into the darkness. Onward to Winter Solstice!


Another Hurricane Year

My hiking pack was ready with clothes, food, toiletries, flashlights, and a book. Strapped to the bottom are 2 sleeping bags. We also had a bag packed for Jack and another for the dogs. I’m glad we didn’t have to leave our home. Practice packing for 3 days, you will see what you are forgetting and realize what you really need or don’t. When you are in a panic you won’t be able to pack well.

After my summer long hiatus from blogging I wanted to write about happy things like the fun stuff we did this summer and what we are up to now. But I’m not. I’m going to write about our current weather.

We are now in the middle of Hurricane Sandy. Last year we went through Hurricane Irene followed quickly by Tropical Storm Lee. Irene and Lee were supposed to be “hundred year storms.” We didn’t even get 5 years; we only got 14 months.

We are fine, thankfully. Shockingly we haven’t even lost power for more than 5 minutes. Jack and I watched some cartoons and drank apple cider.

But I’m upset and I’m worried. I worry that we’ve really pushed the Earth too far. I feel like we are beyond a point of stopping a decline, and at this point we can only mitigate how bad it will get.

Before you may lose power, pull out items that don’t really need to be in the fridge all the time. Most people don’t realize eggs don’t need to be kept in the fridge. This way you will have things to eat and you can keep the cold air in your fridge when the power goes.

I don’t know how you raise a kid to not be greedy, to care about things like not littering or leaving all the lights on, and then the people who can really make a big impact put money above all else.

Don’t these people have kids or grandkids of their own? You can’t pay off Mother Nature, it’s not how it works.

Right now many of my friends are in lower NYC without power. Other friends’ parents are in places with flooding or near blizzards. Wind is whipping around my house. My bees could be in trouble and I won’t know it for another day and a half.

After last year I was so heartbroken with the devastation to local farms and farming towns. Every time a customer asked us for squash or sweet potatoes my heart sunk. I don’t want to live through that again.

Here’s a transcript of Bill McKibben on Democracy Now talking about climate change and Hurricane Sandy. It’s an interesting read. I just hope we still have time and that people are willing to make things better.

I don’t want to live through another Irene or Sandy. Ever.

It’s warm enough today for the bees to be out and about. I’m so glad one of the giant trees behind them didn’t come crashing down.

*Update: I wrote the original text on Monday night, while the storm was still over our area. As of noon on Tuesday my bees appear fine and they were out working. We are only experiencing some wind here. I wasn’t expecting to get to them until Wednesday because the weather forecast still looked bad. We are so very lucky. The five borough area is a mess though. It seems as if my friends are fine but I know many people and buildings are not.